Author: Omeed Saghafi

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We just posted a pretty sweet live map of where people are tweeting about Zika: This led to some requests for must know facts about Zika, as if you hadn’t heard enough already.

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What do cranberry juice, cotton panties, and peeing after sex have in common?

I treat a lot of UTIs. UTIs are urinary tract infections. The urinary tract is made up of the kidneys (makes urine), ureters (transfers urine to the bladder), bladder (stores urine), urethra (the hole where your urine comes out). It causes burning, pain, and trouble urinating. If the infection gets to your kidneys, it can make you really sick – vomiting, fever, severe pain, you name it. Close to 3% of women will get an UTI every year, and the majority will have one in their lifetime. So, it is not surprising that women will apparently do, try, and avoid ANYTHING to prevent a UTI.

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Get that thing out of your nose!

“Do you see this a lot?” I get asked that often. I think I get asked that the most often by parents after they bring in little Timmy who just shoved a bead/LEGO/bug /bean/[insert your favorite small object] up his nose. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you consider how good I’ve become at removing nasal foreign bodies, I do see this a lot. Here are some tricks including a trick we use in the ER based on a home remedy that has been written about since at least 1965.