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Wild weekend planned? How to prevent and treat a scalding summer sunburn.

I have weirdly fond memories of my first sunburn experience. After spending an entire day at the community pool for Omeed’s 11th birthday (swimming, movies, and the first of many run-ins with the police), I woke with a strange pain in my back and shoulders. When I ran into Duy and Omeed at school the following week, I realized what the incredible pain in my shoulders was.

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Ankle Sprains and Aging Pains

My father recently took it upon himself to buy a shiny new jump rope because he read online that aerobic exercise is great for your heart and what better way to get the heart pumping then by rope jumping? However, keep in mind he has never jumped rope before in his life. And is 67. And was wearing sandals. And was on uneven concrete. And did I mention he was going on an overseas vacation in a week? So, of course, his first attempted double-under criss-cross turned into a trip, fall, sprain ankle move.

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Wrist-Worn Heart Rate Monitors Suck

I said it. I’ll say it again. Wrist-worn heart rate monitors (HRM) suck. With the explosion of fitness tracking in the recent years, I can’t help but notice that the technology has barely improved. Millions have been put into making consumer devices that look better, sell better, and present the same poor data in more beautiful ways.