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Ankle Sprains and Aging Pains

My father recently took it upon himself to buy a shiny new jump rope because he read online that aerobic exercise is great for your heart and what better way to get the heart pumping then by rope jumping? However, keep in mind he has never jumped rope before in his life. And is 67. And was wearing sandals. And was on uneven concrete. And did I mention he was going on an overseas vacation in a week? So, of course, his first attempted double-under criss-cross turned into a trip, fall, sprain ankle move.

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Wrist-Worn Heart Rate Monitors Suck

I said it. I’ll say it again. Wrist-worn heart rate monitors (HRM) suck. With the explosion of fitness tracking in the recent years, I can’t help but notice that the technology has barely improved. Millions have been put into making consumer devices that look better, sell better, and present the same poor data in more beautiful ways.

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Welcome to How2Med!

We became doctors to help people and share our love of medicine. This is our way of making that dream a reality. We want to help you better understand medicine and your health. 100 years ago people got sick or injured and most of the time they…

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When the deadliest catch is your own finger: how to remove a fish hook

Summer is upon us. So I thought this would be an appropriate post.

While some of you may not need this post, I suck at fishing. I am about as graceful casting with a fly rod as a bull in a china store. (Henry says no one has been to a china store since 1900. Maybe a bull in a Chihuly glass art exhibit is a more hip/modern metaphore?) Anyways, point is, I get a lot of fish hooks stuck in my hand.

If you can’t just pull the thing out (which sometimes you can), the problem is that the barb on the end of the hook is doing its job.