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Get that thing out of your nose!

“Do you see this a lot?” I get asked that often. I think I get asked that the most often by parents after they bring in little Timmy who just shoved a bead/LEGO/bug /bean/[insert your favorite small object] up his nose. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you consider how good I’ve become at removing nasal foreign bodies, I do see this a lot. Here are some tricks including a trick we use in the ER based on a home remedy that has been written about since at least 1965.

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When is it ok to pee on your new wife? Part 1 – Jellyfish/Coral/Anemone

A good friend recently called me from his honeymoon in Hawaii. He had convinced his new wife to try surfing for the first time. While she crushed some gnarly waves, she had a bit of run in with some coral. Supposedly her leg was burning hotter than Beelzebub’s fires. Was recommending my friend pee on his new BFF and partner in life actually helpful or just a great practical joke?

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The poor man’s guide to reducing shoulder dislocations.

So you landed on your arm or shoulder during football/basketball/paragliding/freediving/underwaterbasketweaving. And there was a big “clunk”. And now the shoulder is swollen, painful, looks really funky and you can’t really move your arm overhead and all you can think is “ooooh I think I popped my shoulder out.” … here’s what to do.