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What do cranberry juice, cotton panties, and peeing after sex have in common?

I treat a lot of UTIs. UTIs are urinary tract infections. The urinary tract is made up of the kidneys (makes urine), ureters (transfers urine to the bladder), bladder (stores urine), urethra (the hole where your urine comes out). It causes burning, pain, and trouble urinating. If the infection gets to your kidneys, it can make you really sick – vomiting, fever, severe pain, you name it. Close to 3% of women will get an UTI every year, and the majority will have one in their lifetime. So, it is not surprising that women will apparently do, try, and avoid ANYTHING to prevent a UTI.

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Medtech Hacking – You Don’t Have to Be a Medical Expert to Contribute to Medicine

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Hackaday #Superconference. This event was the first of it’s kind and hosted by the people behind the successful niche website, Hackaday.com. I was really excited to be invited to attend this event because I’ve been reading the site almost daily since 2006, and I have had a few of my pet projects featured on the website in the past. Events like these (i.e. Makerfaire, Defcon, etc…) remind me that future progress in Medicine is dependent on the intersection and convergence of many different (and sometimes surprising) fields of science, engineering, and art.

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Ankle Sprains and Aging Pains

My father recently took it upon himself to buy a shiny new jump rope because he read online that aerobic exercise is great for your heart and what better way to get the heart pumping then by rope jumping? However, keep in mind he has never jumped rope before in his life. And is 67. And was wearing sandals. And was on uneven concrete. And did I mention he was going on an overseas vacation in a week? So, of course, his first attempted double-under criss-cross turned into a trip, fall, sprain ankle move.