About how2med

We became doctors to help people and share our love of medicine. This is our way of making that dream a reality. We want to help you better understand medicine and your health.

100 years ago people got sick or injured and most of the time they knew what to do. Now we have so many different options-medications, surgeries, technology, doctors, specialists-people get overwhelmed and resort to “the doctor knows best.” While no single site can replace a medical professional and years of training, medicine should not be a foreign language. Anyone who cares about their health should have at least a basic knowledge and understanding of the language of medicine.

We are here to empower you with knowledge to not only make you a better consumer of medicine but a more well-informed and well-rounded individual.

Here’s to making you better and smarter,

Your How2Med team

Doc Next Door: we will teach you basic medical care and treatment everyone should know. We will provide answers to your most burning medical questions.

Critical Thinking: we will help you look critically at medical myths that even many doctors still falsely propagate, and filter through the latest crazes in the media and even taught by popular medical “professionals” on television to help you figure out what’s truly backed by evidence and what’s media sensationalism BS.

What’s Next?/Techie Med: we will introduce you to, review, and suggest new medical technology that may affect how you will be receiving healthcare in the near future.

From the Web: news and recent posts from our favorite sites