Get that thing out of your nose!

“Do you see this a lot?” I get asked that often. I think I get asked that the most often by parents after they bring in little Timmy who just shoved a bead/LEGO/bug /bean/[insert your favorite small object] up his nose. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you consider how good I’ve become at removing nasal foreign bodies, I do see this a lot. Here are some tricks including a trick we use in the ER based on a home remedy that has been written about since at least 1965:

  1. Don’t have kids. But Omeed, kids are adorable and the most fulfilling part of life! Ok, ok. Plus, I figure if you’re reading this article after a frantic google search you’ve already missed out on your chance for #1.
  2. Keep small objects that Timmy can swallow/choke on/put up pretty much any hole in his body away from him. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of ER visit fees.
  3. Give your kid a kiss! The “mother’s kiss” is actually the least invasive and easiest technique for removing a nasal foreign body and is pretty effective (59.9% of the time in one study).
    1. Place your mouth over your child’s mouth and try to create a seal with your mouth.
    2. Hold the child’s unaffected nostril closed with your finger (that’s the nostril without a foreign body in it).
    3. Give a forceful blow/exhalation into your child’s mouth, preferably while your child is breathing out.


Boom! Pop! Your child is happy and usually very excited about the bead that just went flying across the room. Parents are happy (mom may be a little less happy because she just got a bunch of snot all over her face). Everyone is happy. Now do a happy dance as if you just scored a winning touchdown at the Super Bowl. You’re welcome.

Here’s a youtube video of the “mother’s kiss” (a modified version using a straw) in action –

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